Automatic time tracking app to skyrocket your productivity🚀
Timehacker will help you gain a better perspective of how you spend your time on your computer through data. You will discover your daily, weekly, monthly productivity patterns.

Start hacking your time now and increase your focus.
Timehacker is currently in beta, so it's FREE. (as in 'free beer')
How does the magic work?
Super lightweight app captures your daily activities, by running smoothly in the background on your Mac or Windows
Reports at your dashboard give you an insight on your daily habits and productive/unproductive hours
Goals with notifications for each activity or category, help you to stop spending hours on Facebook, Youtube or bazillions of other distractions
Timehackers' Confessions 🤙🏼
"The perspective I gained about my wasted hours on social media and Youtube, has dramatically changed my screen time since I became a timehacker."