Cool Features 👍🏼
Easy Peasy
No manual action is required. Timehacker desktop app automatically logs all your daily activities, while giving you full control to ignore any of them or completely pause tracking.
Detailed Reports
To give you an accurate picture of your efficient/inefficient activities, all of your activities are automatically grouped into 30+ categories, and marked as productive/distracting by default.
Digital Health Score
Get your productivity score for any date range, to see your progress over time.
Privacy first.
Your data is completely private and encrypted. We do not sell your data to advertisers, and never will.
Achieve your goals
Set any goal for yourself and see your progress anytime, get notifications, avoid procrastination.
i.e. spend less than 5 hours on social media each week, spend at least 3 hours on productive time everyday (coming soon)
Weekly Summary Email
Stay on track with weekly email reports, to see what you have done last week, so that you can spot all your distractions or most productive hours. (coming soon)
Say no more to procrastination.